Minnesota Target Species

Birds in urgent need of conservation action

The Blueprint for Minnesota Bird Conservation is divided into four geographic regions. To focus conservation efforts we identified between several Target Species for each region.

Target Species were identified as being in urgent need of conservation action based on the status of their population, habitat needs, and the types of threats they face. Each Target Species represents an important habitat within that region. (PDFs of Conservation Summaries are available below.)

Minnesota Target Species by Eco-Region

  1. Tallgrass Aspen Parkland 
  2. Prairie Parkland 
  3. Prairie Hardwood Transition 
  4. Boreal Hardwood Transition
  5. Statewide

Tallgrass Aspen Parkland (PDF)

Prairie Parkland (PDF)

Prairie Hardwood Transition (PDF)

Boreal Hardwood Transition (PDF)

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