Upper Mississippi River Program

Collischan Willow Project

This is a cooperative project with MN DNR Forestry. This approximately 10-acre site is located about 5 miles northeast of Red Wing near the confluence of the Vermillion and Mississippi Rivers. The site comprises large fields of reed canary grass bordered by stands of willow. Willow are successfully preventing reed canary grass from encroaching into nearby high quality floodplain forest. 

During 2015, reed canary grass was controlled on five acres along an approximately 20-foot strip adjacent to the willow stands. During winter 2015-16, willow were cut on 5 acres along a 20’ strip adjacent to the reed canary grass control. Willow respond vigorously to cutting with new regrowth, and are expected to expand into the area where reed canary grass was controlled. This will create a wider buffer of forested habitat to further protect the adjacent high quality floodplain forest. In addition, trees were planted in the areas where reed canary grass was controlled. 

This project is complete.  

Funding was provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund, McKnight Foundation, and Aveda Corporation.

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