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Austin celebrates Bird City Minnesota designation

The city will be presented with an official Bird City designation during the International Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, October 5

Austin, Minn. (Oct. 04, 2019) – Austin is the state’s newest Bird City, an Audubon Minnesota project that recognizes communities for improving bird habitat, reducing threats to birds, and engaging citizens in conservation action. Austin will be presented with an official Bird City designation during events at the International Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, October 5.

“By recognizing the bird-friendly actions through our Bird City program, we are identifying solutions that can be implemented throughout the state,” said Katie Burns, Bird City program manager for Audubon Minnesota, who will award Austin with their designation at a celebration this weekend. “Communities like Austin are making a difference by becoming Bird Cities and making positive changes in their own backyards.” 

On October 5, Audubon Minnesota and the City of Austin will celebrate with the community on their well-earned achievement. The recognition event will take place at 10 am, during Austin's International Migratory Bird Day. The day will be filled with exciting events from 9 am to 5 pm. A full event schedule can be seen here: https://mn.audubon.org/press-release/city-austin-celebrate-becoming-bird-city

“This designation is recognizing the long, beneficial history of nearly 50 years the City of Austin has with the Austin Audubon Chapter with the establishment of the Nature Center,” said Larry Dolphin, who spent decades as the director of the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center in Austin and is now the president of Austin Audubon Society.  

The nature center has 534 acres of restored Oak Savanna that is used extensively for educational and nature experiences for Austin's citizens, and of course, as bird and wildlife habitat.

“In addition to the nature center, Austin has an extensive development of natural and riparian habitat for the three significant waterways that converge in the city resulting in significant flood mitigation benefits as well as great bird habitat,” said Terry Taylor with the Austin Audubon Society.

Through youth scholarships and educational programing that reaches people of all ages, Austin continues to strive to share the joy of birds and the importance they bring to the planet.   

Bird City Minnesota recognizes and helps communities improve and protect habitat, reduce threats for migratory birds, and engages the public in outdoor activities. Bird City Minnesota is still accepting applications for communities to join the program until June 2020.

To learn more about Bird City visit mn.audubon.org or email audubonminnesota@audubon.org.

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